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High strength bolts

Proton Fasteners S.L. is a company dedicated to the supply of high resistance screws.

We are located in Barcelona. Connected by the A2 and C32 motorways, between Barcelona airport/port and Tarragona airport/port.

Founded in 2016, with the experience of our partners and what we have obtained during this time, we have increased our competence and quality of service every year, we currently have 400mt² and we have increased the workforce with agents in Spain, Portugal and France.

Our customers are distributed in different territories such as Europe and the US, and in different sectors:

  • Construction
  • Renewable energy
  • Agricultural sector
  • Petrochemical

Proton Fasteners works with DIN-ISO-EN standards and special parts according to plans made by collaborating factories approved by our ISO 9001:2015 standard.

We offer our customers flexible methods of cooperation with 24/7 purchase management with scheduled deliveries, where they obtain benefits:

  • Sales increase
  • Cost reduction
  • Production improvement
  • Stock control

At present, we continue in full development of improvements to be able to transfer interesting business opportunities to our clients, always seeking to achieve their satisfaction.


Proton Fasteners S.L. a company dedicated to the supply of high-resistance screws, we offer a comprehensive service to companies and professionals in any sector.

Our collaborating factories guarantee us a quality product, which allows us to guarantee our customers an improvement in their projects, products and competitive position in the market.


To be a benchmark in the market and become the main supplier for your business process improvements.


  • Experience: The experience accumulated over the years in different sectors positions us as a qualified and competitive company.
  • Comprehensive service: We get involved in the projects offering technical advice, the sale of material and continuous communication.
  • Teamwork: the greatest capital of PROTON FASTENERS in our human team, for this reason we work as a team to achieve the greatest achievements.
  • Dedication: From the first contact with our customer we get involved dedicating all the time and effort necessary to obtain the best possible result.
  • Quality: Our management, products and the service we provide are certified of high quality, we work for the total satisfaction of our customers.

ISO 9001:2015 Standard Certificate

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